Agents are there to really help Landlords in managing their investments so they enjoy the returns!

Agents have their hands full in managing:

  • Constantly changing regulatory landscape
  • Ever increasing demands of more sophisticated tenants
  • Dealing with Landlords concerns and ensuring their investment is maximising
  • Stretching resourcing to meet the needs of increasing numbers of tenants and Landlords on their books
  • Prioritising income producing activities over non-income producing activities

As a result, the additional resourcing required to provide more detailed management just wouldn’t be feasible or make business sense, not to forget the training and certifications required as it changes the business model.

We at Atman Intelligence provide win-win outcomes for Agents!

So how do we do this?

We at Atman offer:

  • Guaranteeing the rent
  • Provide compliance
  • Full management of utilities
  • Managing the on/off boarding of tenants
  • Managing tenant issues and demands
  • Keeping the property professionally clean
  • Maintain the upkeep of the property
  • Property kept current to meet lifestyle trends
  • Additional resource at no cost to your existing resource

For Agents this means:

  • Fees still get paid
  • Regular guaranteed rent
  • Still on your portfolio of properties
  • Still get to manage the property
  • Minimised risk of property damage
  • Minimised risk of tenant conflict
  • Minimised risk of defaulting rent
  • Seen as a specialist partner
  • A real value add to your existing resource at no cost to you
  • Specialist partner registered and recognised by professional bodies

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